Accelerated Treatment


Dr. Richard Villa introduces the PROPEL system to accelerate Invisalign and Braces Treatment.

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Orthodontic technology has historically focused on the mechanical systems to put gentle and precise forces on teeth to create the desired movements. The PROPEL system focuses on the biological response. PROPEL encourages the patient’s own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth; allowing teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position.

PROPEL is a five minute procedure that makes a small, virtually painless micro-pierce in the bone, stimulating the bone to accelerate tooth movement and achieve an excellent orthodontic finish. PROPEL makes orthodontic treatment more effective and more efficient and can be used with braces or aligner treatments.

“PROPEL allows our patients to see their new smiles faster and requires fewer visits to the office. Patients are excited about the short treatment times and we are excited about what we are now able to achieve with PROPEL. Everyone is thrilled.”


Introducing the AcceleDent® System

Groundbreaking technology in orthodontic care


Introducing the AcceleDent System, the first and only orthodontic micropulse device. AcceleDent, and FDA-cleared Class II medical device, compliments conventional fixed braces with compelling clinical results – significantly faster treatment times and reduced patient discomfort – with only 20 minutes of use per day. Leveraging established clinical technology in orthopedic bone remodeling, AcceleDent generates precisely calibrated micropulses to accelerate tooth movement and reduce treatment time.

Acceledent advances the science of orthodontic care to a new level:

  • Tooth movement is accelerated by 106% during initial alignment and up to 50% during closure of extraction space – potentially shortening conventional orthodontic treatment time by 5 months.
  • Safety was demonstrated in U.S. trials at two orthodontic programs with no evidence of increased root absorption, no serious adverse events, and no difference in loss of posterior anchorage.
  • AcceleDent has over 2 years of international clinical experience in private practice.